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Maximizing Compensation: Why Police Officers Should Explore Third-Party Liability Claims

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Maximizing Compensation: Why Police Officers Should Explore Third-Party Liability Claims

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Maximizing Compensation: Why Police Officers Should Explore Third-Party Liability Claims

Brubaker Injury Law

March 29, 2024


Police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities. Unfortunately, injuries sustained in the line of duty are all too common. While workers’ compensation is a crucial safety net, it’s essential for officers to understand that there may be additional avenues for compensation. In this article, we explore why officers should consider third-party liability claims and how doing so can prevent substantial losses.

The Workers’ Compensation Safety Net

Workers’ compensation provides essential benefits to injured police officers. It covers medical expenses, lost wages, and disability benefits. However, it has limitations:

  1. No Fault System: Workers’ compensation operates on a no-fault basis. Officers receive benefits regardless of who caused the injury. While this ensures swift assistance, it may not fully compensate officers for all losses.
  2. Limited Compensation: The benefits provided by workers’ compensation may not fully account for pain and suffering, emotional distress, or long-term consequences of an injury.

The Hidden Potential: Third-Party Liability Claims

Third-party liability claims arise when someone other than the employer or the injured officer is responsible for the injury. These claims can significantly enhance compensation:

  1. Examples of Third Parties:
    • Negligent Drivers: If an officer is injured in a traffic accident while on duty, the driver at fault may be liable.
    • Property Owners: Slip and fall accidents on poorly maintained premises can lead to third-party claims.
    • Manufacturers: Defective equipment or faulty products can cause injuries, leading to potential claims against manufacturers.
  1. Additional Compensation:

Why Officers Should Actively Explore Third-Party Claims

  1. Maximizing Compensation: By pursuing third-party claims, officers can maximize their overall compensation. Failing to explore these options may result in substantial financial losses.
  2. Preserving Rights: Waiting too long to explore third-party claims can lead to missed opportunities. Evidence may fade, witnesses may become unavailable, and statutes of limitations may expire.
  3. Legal Expertise Matters: Navigating third-party claims requires legal expertise. Our law firm specializes in personal injury law and has successfully represented injured officers in third-party cases.


Police officers deserve comprehensive support when they suffer injuries in the line of duty. While workers’ compensation is vital, it’s equally crucial to explore third-party liability claims. At Brubaker Injury Law, we are committed to ensuring that officers receive the compensation they deserve. If you or a fellow officer has been injured, contact us today to discuss your options and protect your rights.

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