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The Crucial Role of Spouses in Personal Injury Claims

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The Crucial Role of Spouses in Personal Injury Claims

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The Crucial Role of Spouses in Personal Injury Claims

Brubaker Injury Law

April 12, 2024

When it comes to personal injury claims, spouses play a vital role beyond mere emotional support. Their involvement can significantly impact the outcome of the case. Let’s explore how spouses contribute and what legal considerations come into play:

Emotional Support and Documentation

  • Witnesses to Suffering: Spouses often witness the pain, distress, and limitations caused by the injury. Their firsthand accounts can provide powerful evidence during negotiations or in court.
  • Documenting the Journey: Spouses can help document the injured partner’s recovery process. From taking photographs of visible injuries to recording daily struggles, this documentation strengthens the case.

Loss of Consortium and Companionship

  • Loss of Consortium: This legal term refers to the loss of companionship, intimacy, and emotional support due to the injury. Spouses may be able to claim compensation for their own suffering resulting from the diminished quality of their relationship.
  • Derivative Claims: Generally, spouses’ claims are considered “derivative” of the injured person’s claim.

Financial Impact

  • Lost Wages and Medical Expenses: If the injury affects the household income, both spouses suffer financially.
  • Property Damage: If the injury causes damage to marital property (e.g., a car accident), the spouse can seek compensation for repair costs or loss of value.

Marital Impact

  • Loss of Enjoyment: Spouses can claim damages for the loss of enjoyment of life together. If the injury prevents them from participating in shared activities, this loss is significant.

In summary, spouses are not mere bystanders in personal injury claims. Their experiences, observations, and legal rights all contribute to the overall case. If you or your spouse are dealing with a personal injury, contact our firm today to discuss your rights.

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