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The Significance of a Life Care Plan

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The Significance of a Life Care Plan

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The Significance of a Life Care Plan

Brubaker Injury Law

October 20, 2022

life care plan is a valuable tool used to quantify an injured plaintiff’s current and continuing costs of care. It is prepared by a qualified vocational professional who possesses the credentials necessary to testify in court regarding the plan’s merits. The life care plan projects future costs across various categories, including:

  • Medical Equipment: Anticipating the need for specialized equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, or other assistive devices.
  • Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy: Estimating ongoing therapy sessions to aid recovery and improve functionality.
  • Occupational or Vocational Therapy: Assessing the need for vocational rehabilitation or training.
  • Future Surgeries or Procedures: Considering potential medical interventions.
  • Lost Earning Capacity: Evaluating the impact of the injury on the plaintiff’s ability to work and earn income.
  • Home Modifications and Vehicle Adaptations: Calculating costs for necessary changes to accommodate limitations (e.g., wheelchair ramps, widened doorways).
  • Replacement Household Services: Identifying tasks that the injured person can no longer perform independently (e.g., housekeeping, cooking, shopping).
  • Home Health Care: Factoring in ongoing care needs.
  • Continuing Medications: Estimating medication costs beyond the immediate future.
  • Long-Term or Short-Term Care: Addressing the need for ongoing assistance.

When Is a Life Care Plan Essential?

  • Catastrophic Injuries: Cases involving severe injuries like traumatic brain injury (TBI), limb amputation, or spinal cord damage almost always necessitate significant future care. A life care plan is essential in such scenarios.
  • Chronic Pain or Functional Limitations: Even injuries resulting in chronic pain or reduced function require careful planning. A well-constructed life care plan can enhance economic damages awarded to the injured person.

Determining the Need for a Life Care Plan

Ask the following questions to assess whether a life care plan will be useful:

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs):
    • Will the plaintiff need extra help with ADLs such as housekeeping, toileting, cooking, dressing, and shopping?
    • Does the plaintiff currently require medical equipment (e.g., assistive walking devices), and will this need persist in the future?
  • Medical Specialists:
    • Will the plaintiff continue to visit specialists (e.g., pain management, physical therapy, neurology)?
    • Is long-term medication necessary?
  • Home and Vehicle Modifications:
    • Does the plaintiff’s home or vehicle require modifications to accommodate limitations?

Maximizing Recovery with a Life Care Plan

A well-prepared life care plan can significantly increase the economic damages awarded to an injured person. If you’ve sustained a life altering injury, your attorney should consider collaborating with life care planners to ensure your rights to monetary recovery—both past and future—are protected. By obtaining a comprehensive life care plan, your attorney can empower you to move forward, gain independence, and improve your quality of life after a catastrophic injury. Remember, each case is unique, and tailoring the life care plan to the specific needs of your individual case is essential.

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